Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Bear #1 and Bear #3 Updates

Meet my first finished bear . . . definitely a boy bear!!  He's a 12" bear made from cinnamon faux fur [which is so soft you can't help but stroke it]

I haven't named him because he now belongs to my daughter who has claimed him and who has ordered a hand knitted scarf for him too.  I'm going to be busy!!

Bear #2 is still a work in progress, she [this one is definitely female] needs some attention to her ears and then she's done.

And . . . Bear #3 who is just 7.5" big is adorable

She's made from 10mm pile faux fur, fully jointed and I made her in record time, just a day and a half to hand stitch everything.  

Her name is Lucy Locket, I've decided.  

I was particularly pleased that stitching her nose seemed to go smoothly [ I do find this the most difficult thing to do at the moment]

Anyway Bear #2 will be finished soon and Bear #4 has been cut out and is ready to come to life soon . . . please watch this space.

Warmest wishes

1 comment:

Sonia said...

Just adorable Julie Ann, you are so clever :)
Looking forward to seeing the other members of the bear family.
Hugs Sonia xx