Thursday, 9 July 2015

A Magic Box

Hello Crafters

I've been MIA from blogland for a little while now but I haven't been idle.  Oh no, I now demonstrate on behalf of Docrafts and I'm loving every minute of it.

This is one of the demonstration samples that I made recently, a Magic Box.

Today I thought I would do a little 'how to make' post for you (I do assume that you are not a beginner . . .

1. Start with a piece of cardstock 30 cms x 30 cms or any measurement of cardstock which is divisible by 3 e.g. 15 cms, 18 cms etc

2. Score right across the cardstock at 10 cms and 20 cms

3. Turn the cardstock 90 degrees on your scoreboard and score again at 10 cms and 20 cms.
Your card should now be divided into 9 equal squares (like a blank noughts and crosses game).

4. Cut away the 4 outer corners of the square and lay aside for matting and layering.  You should now have a big cardstock cross in front of you.

5. Mat and layer the outside in papers suitable to your theme.  If you have started with the 30 cms x 30 cms cardstock your mat layer will measure 9.5 cms x 9.5 cms.

6. Likewise mat and layer the inside of your box.

6. The little internal box is made in exactly the same manner.  Cut your starting cardstock at 15 cms x 15 cms.  Remember this time you don't cut away the outer corners.

7. Make a lid for the small box by cutting a 8cm x 8cm square of cardstock.  Score at 1.5 cms all the way around and cut up/notch.   Glue using a strong wet adhesive.

8.  Decorate the inside to your taste.

9. Make a lid for the bigger box by cutting a 15 cms x 15 cms piece of cardstock and score at 2.5 cms all around.  Cut up and notch at the corners and stick using a strong wet adhesive.

10.  Decorate the outside of the box to your taste and theme.  Have fun!

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